The new GENESIS top-end cocoon harness was created for athletes and XC pilots, who want a minimum aerodynamic drag, comfort and safety. GENESIS Harness was resulted by two years of flight tests, research and experiments. We have created many prototypes, to bring the belt system and seat to the perfection.


We have ensured that pilot always feels himself comfortable during long flights and do not tired. At the final stages of elaboration we invited World Cup pilots who assisted as to create the most convenient and comfortable harness system for the competition. Optimal handling, innovative seat concept, streamlined shape, clean profile make GENESIS harness interesting both for competition and XC pilots.

The great results are based on the innovative ideas and hard work to translate them into reality.



  • ​New concept of the seat

  • Well-balanced handling

  • Comfortable, ergonomic, individually adjustable backrest

  • Large amount of adjustments which allow optimally adjust the seat for the particular pilot

  • advanced legs’ support

  • easy-working speed bar

  • possibility of full- recumbency position and ¾ of the recumbency position of the pilot’s body

  • Excellently- fixed cockpit at an angle of 90 degrees to the pilot’s direction of view. It provides a minimum amount of glare and reflections

  • Rear aerodynamic shroud.





  • Frontal container for the reserve parachute, deployment is possible with either left or right hands and from any side

  • Integrated container for the reserve parachute, right-handed position.

  • АВС system

  • 18 mm multi sectional protector 




  •  Large front container with a large flight deck

  •  3 Ballast compartments, upto 15 liters of ballast in total

  • Possibility to install the hydration system

  • 2 side pockets

  • Compartition for small items in the front of the cockpit

  • Ballast discharge valve

  • Front cockpit has a removable flight deck and ballast compartment with volume of 5 liters

  • 2- step speed-bar

  • Large rear compartment with inner pockets for small items

  • Cocoon made of elastic windproof material

  • Big diameter rolling bearings (for easy pushing)

  • Self-locking bearings (optional).

The Genesis harness is produced in 3 variations:


with a frontal container for the reserve parachute,

with a frontal and an integrated side container for the reserve parachute

with an integrated side container for the rescue parachute. 

A middle size harness with a frontal container is aproximately 4,5 kg.

M-size harness with 2 rescue system compartments – 5,5 kg.

M-size harness with a side container – appr. 5 kg


Сertificate Number GZ-0532/16.

The only way you can get an excellent result is by breaking cliches and applying innovative ideas.




          XS      145-155

           S       155-165

           M       165-175

           L       175-185

          XL      185-200




  • Nylon 210D Ripstop 

  • Polyamid 420D Diamond Ripstop.

  • Lycra soft shell.

  • Special Ripstop Dyneema

  • SkyTex



  • rescue parachute handle with the inner container 

  • paragliding backpack

  • front container (in the version with 2 spare wheel)

  • accelerator

  • carbines

  • system of fast fixing halyard reserve parachute

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Подвесная система Ginesis предназначена для пилотов летающих ХС маршруты, участвующих на соревнованиях.

Если Вы сомневаетесь в выборе для себя подвесной системы, Вы хотели бы получить комфортную, эргономичную маршрутную подвеску. 


Если Вам нужен совет в вборе снаряжения, или Вы сомневаетесь, если Вам нужна консультация, и Вам просто хочется пообщаться  на тему покупки своего снаряжениято звоните нам  по телефону +380503640133 или пишите . Мы будем рады ответить Вам на все Ваши вопросы.



Узнать цену, условия поставки и прибрести Genesis можно написав нам прямо сейчас или обратившись к ближайшему дилеру или представителю NearBirds

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